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Classic Lashes


Classic Lashes


Classic Individual lashes are professionally applied one extension at a time, onto each of your own natural lashes giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes with added volume.

Hybrid Lashes


Hybrid or also known as Kardashian Lashes, are a multi lash technique, which is a combination of Classic and Russian Volume Lashes. Hybrid Lashes give a much softer, more natural, feathery look. Each fan is hand made using staggered lengths of extremely fine lash extensions and are then carefully applied to a natural lash which has been isolated.

Russian Volume


Russian volume lashes are a advanced technique that give you a safe yet stunning volume. Using ultra fine extensions, we can place 2D - 6D of these in a handmade fan onto one natural lash, creating a full fluffy volume dramatic look to your lash line.

Mega Volume


Created using the finest Russian lashes applying 10D-20D lash fans per natural lash creating the biggest, fluffiest and most dramatic effect lashes on the market.

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